San Francisco bows to pressure Allows special straw use SF REUTERS In a move Lauded by Democratic Lawmakers the City of San Francisco has made An exception to its ban on Plastic straws In response to suit by homeless drug users the city has agreed to allow the sniffing of cocaine through plastic straws Walter Freak Job Van Owen explained it this way Sure it's cus- tomary to use a rolled up dollar bill but none of us HAVE a dollar bill You can't snort a line with a fuckin' EBT card! Van Owen Judge Caroline Plotz who prefers the term Al Fresco Americans when referring to the city's homeless agreed Drug use is part and parcel of the Al Fresco American culture just like impromptu needle disposal and pursesnatching If we are not going to allow this ther Judge Plotz the next thing will be to trying to prevent defecating on the side- walk and none of us want that Meme

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