sapphicaspiewitch stormbornwitch rikodeine photogenic-falcon I came across this very odd pond in a forest #it’s fucking fairies get away from it put ur foot in there and you’ll never be seen again It’s funny how most of the comments are like *jumps in headfirst to go be with fairies*Okay sure jump in Meet the fae with cheekbones that are just a little more angular than they probably should be with words that drip from their tongues like honey with faces that seem to flicker and change in the light with eyes that see right through you and grins that look hungry Never mind that fact that the food is tainted or that if you’re asked to dance you will do so until you die Never mind that even if you do pass all their tests and survive all their tricks without offending anyone you may not go back to the same time you left Your friends and loved ones are long dead Your world has forgotten you and thinks you dead You had no place in their world and now you have no place in your own But sure jump on in and enjoy the world of the fae that’s all very pretty and poetic but i know i grew up on fairy tales i know all the stories and i don’t care take me away from this hellscape of a society and let me go mad under the trees and stars as i dance and drink my life away with the wildfae Meme

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