Sappho T love NB people So much but T ugly Iimplore your aid women and am so love What do you of them Whar in them do you find beautiful? The wisps of hair at the backs of their necks BEAK of glow their skin The The slopes of their foreheads of their jaws The way they look when unselfonscious shapes arms form their wrists their biceps their The backs their shoulders Their The way that light faces of he grace their hands And most of all T love their Smi - But child Can you not find this beauty your self? in When did COme to you think of your body Something morbid? as And when did you start to believe it was your fault? dyingdelphiniums image description under the cut because this is a whole-ass 5 page comic sorry! happy pride i drew this instead of things i should be doing it was a good excuse to draw a lot of beautiful girls using references found under the cut it’s messy and bad but i think the message gets across i love being a lesbian because it helped me love myself more Keep reading Meme

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