Sarah harva ncik @SarahHarvancik Follow Left our drink for less than 2 minutes and the guys we were with drugged it Trust your gut always check up on your friends Y'all can NEVER be too safe LIQUID GOOD 1029 AM - 24 Mar 2019 from Kingm an AZ sarah harvancik @SarahHarvancik Follow For those asking where to get these from SipChip Drink Spiking Test for Date Rape Drug D The most effective test for detecting spiked beverages With just one drop we give you a portable and fast way to test for common date rape drugs undercovercolorscom 1157 AM 27 Mar 2019 Portable discreet fast and accurate Here's how SipChipTM helps you stay safe 2 ADD A DROP OF YOUR 3 WAIT FOR RESULTS 4 CHECK RESULTS 1 CARRY SIPCHIP WITH YOU SipChip fits in our key fob or phone holder or carry it in your purse wallet or pocket so you're always preparea SipChipT detects most common date When you're ready to test use your rape drugs including roofies xanax finger or a straw to add one drop of and valium in as fast as 30 seconds Two lines means you're in the clear One line means your drink is DRINK drugged Don't drink it your drink to the test SipChipT works in drinks with or without alcohol with 993% accuracy Be sure your drink is just a drink Buy Tests uncommonbishhttpswwwundercovercolorscom - buy tests The fact that women need this in order to feel safe sucks Meme

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