Sarah How did you know I was a painter?! Mar 9 2017 738 PM think it's pretty obvious just took your name and age and compiled a list of all the year old Sarahs in the CAREA region then cross referenced newspaper birth records to make a list of potential parents and spent 13 straight hours contacting them about their daughter's favorite hobbies then reverse image searched your pics and ran them through a web-based facial recognition program to narrow down the potential Sarahs you might be according to open source online school yearbooks then to make sure I had the right Sarah I noticed an enhance-able partial serial number on your phone in one of your pics so I then impersonated you in a fishing call to Apple support and while they had me on the line I noticed in your tinder profile bio you had your employment listed as 'Artist-Teacher at Paint Nite' Sent How did you know I was a painter?! Meme

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