Sarah Olson @ReadMoreScience If a 16-year-old wanted to adopt a child the government wouldn't allow it She isn't done with her education she can't financially support herself and she isn't a legal adult But if she gets pregnant the government can ban her from getting an abortion How is that logical patron-saint-of-smart-asses prolifeproliberty Because abortion kills a childNot adopting a child at age 16 doesn’t kill anybodyAny the federal government currently allows abortion up to the moment of birth State laws that restrict abortion all have loopholes that can easily be exploited Abortion facilities fail health inspections and remain open because the government doesn’t want to stop abortion I want to addAdoption is EXPENSIVE It entails costs and labor that normally birthing a biological child does not have A 16 year old can have her medical care paid for by an adoptive family who will adopt her baby or she can receive charitable fundsfederal aid to keep the baby and finish school Both of these options are much more feasible and practical for a teen than going out to adopt a baby Meme

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