Sasten Safety Tips from Molly #2521 Golden Lilies Any part of this white trumpet-shaped symbol of Easter and spring - leaves flower or pollen - can cause gastrointestinal distress for dogs and be toxic to cats Chocolate All types are harmful to dogs and cats but the darker and more bitter the variety the more poisonous it is Easter Baskets Many common objects found in baskets can harm your pet's digestive tract Easter grass foil wrappers and plastic eggs to name a few Holiday Feast Ham is too high in fat and salt causing damage to the pancreas Onions garlic chives and leeks are also not meant for dogs and cats and may trigger anemia goldenrescueca goldenrescuestoreca There are lots of ways to get your pooch involved in the fun but #Easter time can also be potentially dangerous to dogs given the amount of chocolate involved often in the hands of children-and so it is really important to keep your dog safe and not to let them get their paws on anything naughty! Here's some tips #adoptdontshop #goldenretriever #rescuedog #safetyfirst Meme

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