say cheese @Saycheese_Media Followv 3 yesar old Chicao il awardesd $25M sedei ater police oficer poinis gan i her chest у СНС do pre CHICAGO POLICE 934 AM-1 Jul 2018 1647 Retweets 3173 Likes Δ I no @ty_hotcommodity Follow A 3 year old say cheese @Saycheese Media 3-year-old Chicago girl awarded $25M settlement 806 AM -2 Jul 2018 48814 Retweets 147597 Likes ΔΙ no Followv @ty_hotcommodity If your concern isn't about the fact that a then there is nothing to discuss 29 PM-2 Jul 2018 sugarvelvet aspiringwarriorlibrarian emotionalempowerer Seriously What on earth could a 3 yr old do to “warrant” a gun to the chest??? Apparently they were in the process of arresting her mother whom they beat while handcuffed naturally also pointed the gun at the head of the child’s grandmother and pointed the gun at her when she did what any toddler would do and started wailing The incident gave her one of the worst cases of child PTSD the expert they assigned has ever seen and she’ll need therapy well into her adult years Anyone with even a passing knowledge of gun safety knows that you do not point a gun at anyone you are not willing to kill So best case scenario these officers were grossly incompetent and worst case they were willing to kill a child for crying This settlement is the least they deserve ^^^^ reblogging for the extra info Meme

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