Scary Mommy's Post I have a youhg son We were in the change room and this 'fat' lady walks in I struggle with that word anyhow he yells wow mom she has a lot of body I was mortified Here's the thing I'm willing to bet she would not have flinched had I not reacted But she saw my horror and embarrassment So after I composed myself I asked her if it was alright if used this as a teaching moment She agreed So my son asked her why her body responded by saying this is how God made me Just like you have brown eyes I have a big body My son large? His words she was so loved that answer and then said think you're beautiful! Yea I cried! The lesson I've learned as a parent is to trust how my son sees the world Rarely is in a judgmental view We are all created in the view of love! 24K Like Reply 1y GIF Write a comment How wholesome Meme

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