SCe 589 97 Comments 14 Share Comment Share View previous comments 5 of Well I would like to have the Carole option to block these posts immediately I don't want to see anything from shamba-la art there There is just too much swearing and just stuff that I don't want to see and it just consumes half of my Facebook feed so please put an option to block all from Shambala and I wouldn't have to do that Like Reply 5w Please don't Eroca report posts unless they are breaking the rules in this pinned post If you don't want to see anything from this group in your feed you can just leave the group? Like Reply 5w you can also select Eroca unfollow group up at the top under the picture where it says joined Like Reply 5w Edited bottom left right Eroca under the cover photo for the group Like Reply 5w Mir Mom I'm a part of this group It's a festival i want to go to so I followed them You must have commented or liked the page and now you get it in your news feed Just unfollow the page mom and stop reporting things If you don't know how to do it I'll show you at Christmas Sorry Eroca Like Renlv 5w Edited Too much swearing Meme

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