science guffcom 10000 endangered scrotum frogs' have dropped dead in a lake on the border of Peru and Bolivia Telmatobius culeus a wrinkly amphibian known affectionately as a “scrotum frog” is a critically endangered frog that’s endemic to Lake Titicaca and the rivers that feed it After 10000 of them suddenly dropped dead within a 30-mile 50 kilometer area authorities are trying to figure out why All signs point to severe pollution of the lake which has taken an already tiny population due to habitat loss and a species of invasive trout eating up all of their tadpoles and brought it to the brink of extinction How are they trying reverse this ecological nightmare? I've had to bring them the government the dead frogs The authorities don't realise how we're living They have no idea how major the pollution is The situation is maddening said activist leader and resident Maruja Inquilla Fun fact T culeus’ ballsack-looking skin increases their surface area making it possible to absorb more oxygen Photo cred Bolivian Amphibian Initiative Science Amphibians Pollution Peru Bolivia Conservation Scrotum BestOf Meme

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