SCIENCEALERTCOM Oregon Parents Refuse Further Vaccination After Their Child Nearly Dies From Tetanus St son that got tetanus from their property after getting a scrape on the knee when he fell in their driveway hospitalized and FULLY vaccinated maybe this should say the 1st documented UNVACCINATED case in Oregon in the past 30 years oh wait Washington also had similar cases in the past couple years again you can still get an illness you're vaccinated against Like Reply Friday March 8 2019 at 417 PM 1h This is a load of garbage lol I have friends with a Boosters are recommended every 10 yrs Mi because the immunity fades Like Reply Friday March 8 2019 at 429 PM 1h M ok? And? Not all vaccines St require boosters for 1 and a child fully immunized was who got tetanus still so there wasnt enough time to need a booster Like Reply Friday March 8 2019 at 445 PM 1h Insane &amp Sad - Link to article in the first comment Meme

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