sCopenhagen Kaliningradass USSIA Bonheim blin Nan Gdansk Leeds Liver ester KINGDOM Birmingham ND Hamburg Berlin poznah Warsaw Bremen Amsterdam POLAND Lodi SCardif RottrdaNETH London Essen Cologne Leipzig Wroclaw Brussels Lille sEL BoGERMANY ind dUK Quernsey Pragde Kraków Frankfurt am Main CzeCH REUBLIC Benb Jersey a LUxembourg SLOVAKIA Bratislava Paris LUX Stuttgart Munich Strasbourg Budapes Vienfa Nantes ALTRIA HUNGARY 2rich Bern iduz Ge WIrZ ay of FRANCE jabljana SLOVERIA Zagreb scay Milanaice Lyon Tuin Bordeaux BOSHIA AND Belg CROATIA HERZEOOVINA enoa Bilbao YUG aso Toulouse Sarajevo MOMACO Texas-Europe Size Comparison ITALY 300 Kilometers rseille Adriatic 300 Miles this changes everything oh my god do you understand why it trips me out that people can drive 45 minutes and be in aNOTHER COUNTRY? I drive for 45 minutes and im like a city over I live in Italy and took a day trip to go to Austria and Germany #it is literally impossible to leave texas #you will be in texas #FOREVER Chums that's sweet and all but Australia just ate Texas for breakfast If you drive for 45 minutes in Australia you aren't a city over you're just 45 minutes away from the city If you drive for 45 minutes in Australia you may not even leave the cattle station If you drive for 45 minutes in Canada you may not even leave your driveway If I drive 45 minutes in the us I'm just at another mcdonalds Long distance driving Meme

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