ScorpioMystique @ScorpioMystique As a sign of extremes #Scorpios tend to either attract very loyal supporters or very spiteful enemies Either way we're on people's mind Traduire depuis anglais 02072017 1228 lVoir l'activité du Tweet 88 Retweets 162 J'aime the more successful I become the more I intuitively know who my true supporters are They say it's lonely at the top but it doesn't have to be By choosing to focus our energies on those who give us life & fan our flames rather than those who attempt to dim our light or send negative vibes our way we will always win abundantly and we'll attract more genuinely loving people in our lives *Life hack you also have to direct that radiant light to others in order to keep attracting loving loyal people The Universe responds to the vibes you emit ⭐️ So focus on the love Scorpio Be the love! ♏️❤️✨ TeamScorpio SpreadTheLove ScorpiosBeLike ScorpioPower ScorpioMystique 🦂 Meme

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