Scott Elkin replied to your reply on MrDemented669's comment Scott Elkin KING JULES Do you not realize the parties never switched back in the 60's or at any other time?! What day did it happen? What day did everyone wake up and said today we switch? The idea that it could even be in your mind baffles me The voters switched LBJ gave the blacks the Raw Deal and created a government plantation Future Dems asked why stop with just the blackslet's get everyone Nixon a left leaning Republican picked up where LBJ left off and spent 100's of millions building ghetto's If the parties had switched as the Democrats want the clueless masses to believe then Ford and Reagan would have picked up where Nixon left off they did not If the parties switched then how is it the Republican party wrote all 9 Civil Rights Bills from 1866 1991 when the last one was written? You've had three cross over Presidents since Lincoln was the first Republican President Teddy Roosevelt and Nixon were left of center Republicans and JFK was a fiscal conservative Blue Dog Democrat The south didn't switch voting Republican until the elections of 2010 thru 2016 The ideologies of segregation and taxation have been with the Democrat party forever The ideology of small government have been with the Republicans since they began No switch in parties just the voters Get a real education and stop listening to people that want to keep you stupid for their own gain REPLY A response to me stating the fact that Democrat and Republican ideologies switched in the 60’s Meme

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