Scottish Folk Music Starterpack dirks awa mocking Brits Anglicans Williamites lowlanders song is about horrors of wars glorious ere next mornin song references a specific town entire song is about Cherlie almost every song references Culloden only like 5 bands in the whole genre victories in obscure battles the same dozen paintings on repeat varying trom decent to potato quality can be played with just drums songs about playing bagpipes don't actually have bagpipes in them WI most songs are modern renditions from the 1700s either really energetic and cheerful or depression laments has slang celtic terms you have to google to figure out wtf the song is even about bad midi in strange places surprising lack of bagpipes mentions tartan trews phillibegs comment section exclusively filled with SNP voters indecipherable accents Reel compilations Andy Stewart Corries Silly Wizard Singer is either hyper nasally or booming deep voiced fecht mentions the Isle of Skye song about mass slaughter after a battle has G rated lyrics 99% of songs in English not Gaelic claymores laddies blue bonnets redcoats uploaded more than 8 years ago sometimes lassies if there's lassies involved only one lass is the best above all o'er Tae Hie'lans tae bonnie in every other sentence wanting to be hame hatred about Britains constant mainland wars Spanish Austrian succesions minor degree in history required to fully enjoy the song music inspires you to want to learn more esoteric scottish history Scottish Folk Music Starterpack Meme

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