SCREEN RANT 10 Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy 7HUGH JACKMAN'S WOLVERINE WAS SUPPOSED TO CAMEO IN THE FIRST MOVIE Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe would bring Marvel's superheroes into the same on-screen world Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy hinted at it J Jonah Jameson mentioned that there was already a Doctor Strange suggesting that the Sorcerer Supreme was operating in New York throughout the trilogy Hugh Jackman revealed that he was initially intended to have a cameo appearance as Wolverine in the first movie The actor even flew all the way out to New York for the shoot However the idea was scrapped when the producers struggled to get ahold of Jackman's Wolvie costume from the first X-Men movie We were this close to greatness Meme

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