SD HDD RAM USB FPS COMPARE BUILD TEST Today's hottest Amazon esay C deals CPU GPU SSD HDD USB RAM MBD Asrock A32OM-HDV R40 Performance Results ADD TO PC TEST BUILD YOUR Benchmarks - excluding HDD Gaming 54% Workstation 43% Desktop 57% Speed boat Gunboat Yacht f E User guide Ca Copy results Save results Asrock A320M-HDV R40 al builds Motherboard Overall this PC is performing above expectations 78th percentile This means that out of 100 PCs with exactly the same components 22 performed better The overall PC percentile is the average of each of its individual components 127 GB free of 16 GB @0 GHZ Memory PC Status 2560 x 1080- 32 Bit colors Display With a good single core score this CPU can easily handle the majority of general computing tasks Despite ts good single core score this processor isn't appropriate for workstation use due to its relatively weak multi-core performance Finally with a gaming score of 649% this CPU's suitability for 3D gaming is good Windows 10 OS Processor 20190304 BIOS Date O Days Uptime 19 at 0733 Sep 30 Run Date 5739% is a reasonable 3D score GTX 1070 = 100 % This GPU can handle the majority of recent games but it will struggle with Graphics 115 Seconds resolutions greater than 1080p at ultra detail levels Note general computing tasks don't require 3D graphics Run Duration USA-User Run User 5679% is a reasonable SSD score This drive enables fast boots and responsive applications 29% 16GB is enough RAM to run any version of Windows and it's more than sufficient for nearly all games 16GB also allows for very large file and system caches software development and batch photo editingprocessing Boot Drive Background CPU Memory Windows 10 is the most recent version of Windows and the best to date in our opinion OS Version Run History B3 mins ago 26 mins ago 20 mins ago 0 secs ago percentile PC Performing above expectations 78th Th After RAM upgrade to 16GB and oc my rx 570 this is what i got on pc benchmark Is it good to ya’ll? Or is it peasant performance? Meme

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