sealedbeastnue l step up the podium at the science man conference yall know how silverfish ike explode when you barely touch them? and then some other little beetles like ticks are indestructible and shit? i have empirical proof this is the result of an ancient babylonian curse half the audience is already in tears some people are applauding a few poeople walk out incensed iwth rage guy in the back is a direct descendant of hammurabi & will invoke curse as soon as i use marduk's name in vain but little does he know ive already got the wards up n shit consecration of rose water taken im on a hell city bus ride and i aint gettin off the train til assyria babey!!!! sealedbeastnue the comments are all correct I genuinely dont remember poisting this at all but no drugs were involved im just this fucking scrambled This is beautiful Incomprehensible but beautiful Meme

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