Seamus Blackley Follow @SeamusBlackley Hey everybody I wrote this tweet because I was feeling grateful and humble after a couple challenging days But the responses the stories the DMs have been really emotional and powerful and really surprising So I wanted to Seamus Blackley @SeamusBlackley By the way if you were an original Xbox customer fan or believer thank you From the bottom of all that I am and all I could ever be thank you I owe you my life and my sense of who I am Thank you Show this thread 1054 PM 12 Oct 2019 30 Retweets 300 Likes 300 16 t30 Tweet your reply Seamus Blackley@SeamusBlackley 18h say a couple important things First and foremost I always feel that when I talk about Xbox I get too much credit There were thousands of people who poured all they had into that box and they all love you just as mush as I do Second 3 197 Seamus Blackley@SeamusBlackley 18h I want to thank you all again for sharing how important Xbox was to you It's amazing and emotional and thank you Thank you Bringing joy to a joybringer &lt3 Meme

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