Sean T at RCP@SeanTrende 8h The most puzzling thing for me in this election and the reason the scenario of Rs barely keepingjust barely losing the House keeps nagging at me is this the overall atmosphere isn't that atrocious for Republicans and a lot of big picture signifiers of waves aren't here 1 110 t 274 561 Sean T at RCP @SeanTrende 8h Like if you compare it to 2006 Trump's job approval is substantially higher than Bush's 37% The economy is significantly better Republicans have about the same amount of baseline exposure in the Houseie Rs in D-leaning seats 2 18 43 21 Sean T at RCP @Sean Trende We haven't seen a massive surge in Democratic party identification The enthusiasm gap is present but not really of the magnitude that we've seen in the past And we typically see a big break at the end Maybe by the end of the day l'I eat my words here 3 904 AM 2 Nov 2018 Meme

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