Sebastian THİ @Sebbybastian_ If you put a milkshake in one yard and crack a cold one in another yard which yard would the boys go to? 6qubed crystalsoulslayer alphahoennomega klubbhead electricbreeze Schrödinger’s boys FUCK What about cracking open a cold milkshake As we all know the milkshake brings the boys to the yard The presence of the boys is a prerequisite for the cracking open of a cold one but cold ones do not have any inherent boy-attracting abilities Milkshakes however do All else being equal the boys would proceed to the milkshake yard While it is possible to announce the presence of cold ones in the hope of attracting some boys the pull of the milkshake is much more powerful by comparison mind you all of this nonsense hinges on whether or not the boys are back in town Meme

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