SECURED BORDERS IF YOU ENTER THE U S ILLEGALLY YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN THAT'S NOT A RACIST STATEMENT IT'S A FACTUALLY ACCURATE STATEMENT LIKE IF YOU AGREE Critics of pro-enforcement policies claim that enforcing immigration laws is xenophobic and racist But that couldn’t be further from the truth Favoring the rule of law isn’t racist or discriminating Immigration laws do not discriminate against individuals based on their color creed gender or ethnic background Instead the law makes a distinction between law-keepers and lawbreakers Enforcing all of our laws - including immigration laws - is critical to our success and sovereignty as a nation It is a difficult task but I believe Trump administration will be able to accomplish this A crime is a crime no matter who commits it Criminal aliens do not belong in this country They must leave secured_borders securetheborder buildthatwall immigrationlaw deportation TrumpTrain DrainTheSwamp liberalagenda stopillegals immigration borderpatrol closetheborder criminalaliens traitorobama migrantcrime illegalcrime migrantcrisis Meme

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