September 27 at 953 PM Change my view Only boy band you should know are back street boys and NSYNC Everything else are irrelevant 2 9 Comments Like Comment Does Genesis count as a boy band? Like Reply 1w doesnt even band you know what boy band means? Like Reply 1w Edited come close to the definition of a boy Genesis released their first album when they were all in high school Like Reply 1w and beatles was a high school band you know nothing of music Like Reply 1w again you dont know the definition of a boy band and just blurting out their ages at the time of their debut Like Reply 1w Edited chris kirkpatrick was 24 when nsync was formed like if you dont know just dont talk Like Reply 1w These kind of questions are you asking on purpose or do you really not know the difference Ooooh nirvana is not a grunge band it's a boy band cuz David grohl was 18 hmmmmmmmmm Like Reply 1w Edited fwm about music history i went to conference all state all eastern took college lv music theory as well as history in middle school Imao Like Reply 1w Boy bands Meme

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