Series Persona Fap Year A wad hace 33 Strege Hello persona redditors it has come to my attention that our fandom doesn't have an outrageous challenge so created this It's simple really you just need to NUT or fap at least once a day every day With exceptions of course To that month's given best girl For an entire 12 months Rules You can only pleasure yourself to that months given wifu You must pleasure yourself once a day every day with some exceptions However there's an exception to rule 2 You can miss two days a monthIf you skip more days then that in a month the challenge is over If you should falil the challenge you must play persona 3 fes or persona 4 golden on the hardest difficulty setting Fap Calendar January- Elizabeth February- Fuuka March- Makoto April- Aigis May- Mitsuru June- Rise July- Chie August- Ann September- Yukan october- Marie November- Naoto December- Yukiko 22 cmentariescmprti guardar tar gve awad reertar sspast Cursed_weaboo Meme

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