SESAME STREET OF While searching for God Grover found a familiar door and entered it It led to his old workplace And the only customer there was his old nemesis Mr Johnson Then when he noticed he no longer had his Glock with him he heard Kermit's voice in his head My child did you think pushing me down the stairs was a good idea? You should've shot me while you had the chance I hope Hell will be much fun for you Grover already knew that he made a string of bad choices including using the other bullets to provoke a suicide-by-cop but the least he could've done was gamble a little by shooting that annoying green frog Sure he can kind of harrass Johnson again but he'll always remember he'll never get another chance to fulfill his destiny SESAME STREET org As Grover kept searching in Heaven for God he noticed the place was getting darker and darker It seemed so lively earlier when he peaked the steps and pushed Kermit down them likely to his death This confirmed Grover's suspicion Kermit was the God he intended to kill Grover felt depressed He's stuck in his own abyss and he brought a gun for nothing While searching for God Grover came across a familiar door and entered it Behind it was his old workplace What really got him to grip his Glock was that the only customer inside was his old nemesis Mr Johnson Where have you been waiter? said Johnson I'm so hungry I could SMITE a horse! Because Grover was fuelled with vengeance he just stared down at the Muppet and asked him Johnson are YOU the one in charge? I might be Then I don't get it! Who was Kermit just now? The Devil Grover if you don't mind I want spaghetti with extra sauce r've been wairting for centuries! And Grover served it With God shot in the head everything started to get dark Grover's otherworldly adventure comes to an end Meme

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