Seth Mandel@SethAMandel 37m this is an episode of veep eists in the wists in the Mike DeBons Ф @mikedebonis e to exploito exploit in targeting Atriean Ame frican Amer color Jews r Jeus Mus slanders and the LGBTQ community added ers with W inants New version now posted docshousegovbillsthisweek References to Latinos Asian Americans and Pacific mereans an andiolenee Show this thread 38 t 48 264 Seth Mandel@SethAMandel 19nm Do Democrats have any idea just how unbelievably offensive this disaster is? As in are there some who get that what they're doing now is a travesty and a stain on Pelosi's leadership? 24 t 33 39 Seth Mandel@SethAMandel 17m One of our members said some pretty antisemitic things over and over and over again So I've called this caucus meeting to see if anyone has any ideas on how to make the situation more insulting to Jews One at a time please Seth Mandel· @SethAMandel Follow African Americans Latinos Native Americans Asian AmericansPacific Islandersother people of color Middle Children Jets Fans Fred In Accounting Becky With The Good Hair Canada Geese JR Smith Scar From Lion King Jews Muslims Hindus Sikhs LGBTQ immigrants 354 PM -7 Mar 2019 11 Retweets 38 Likes Excuses to all! White people excluded Meme

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