setheverman hey guys i have taken over the official swedish twitter account @sweden for the week which means i am now legally the king and also prime minister of sweden go there and interact with my tweets please i am begging you setheverman @sweden Seth @sweden I'M Hello I am Seth Everman With over 2 million online followers I am more powerful than ever This power will keep growing and you cannot stop me 2018-08-13 0958 901 Retweets 4 464 Likes a-very-optimistic-realist A津鳝峯令all 10%自812 PM Tweet @sweden Seth @sweden I'M Fact The K in IKEA is silent as it stands for Knowledge 223 PM 13 Aug 18 437 Retweets 2374 Likes EverybodylLoveDies @Amuly21 5h v Replying to @sweden What do the other letters stand for? Are they all silent Stefan Sarmes @stefansarmes 4h ﹀ Stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd 1Agunnaryd Name of the founder and the name of the farm in the village he was born EverybodylLoveDies @Amuly21-4h Um no the K stands for Knowledge Sweden said so Tweet your reply He's already starting wars setheverman @sweden Seth @sweden 11m Quick Swedish language lesson It is a Sweden 911 35 ㅇ282 @sweden Seth @sweden 10m M language spoken by some people in Some facts about the Danish language I I'M do not understand it @sweden Seth @sweden 10m The Norwegian language was invented in M 1986 when a man spoke Swedish wrong 15 Source setheverman 196267 notes Seth Ascends Meme

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