SGAG Singpost I'll check that for you sir Me Thank you Singpost What's your name sir? Me Neil Singapost Is that Nial? Me If you like Singpost And your phone number? Me FOR F I'm sorry why do you need my phone number I just want to know if there's a post office in Rivervale Mall Yes or no? Singpost In case the line hangs up Me Yes I could see why that would happen a lot Pausc Singpost Yes there is a post office at Rivervale Mall Me Thank you Singpost Do you need the address? Me It's Eunos right? Singpost No sir It's Me Never mind You're not based in Singapore are you mate? Singpost No I'm based overseas sir Neil Humphreys Yesterday at 1236pm-Singapore Follow Me Hello Singpost I'm calling to confirm that there is a post office at Rivervale Mall Singpost phone guy That is correct sir Me That there is a post office? Singpost That this is Singpost Me Where? Singpost On the phone sir Me I know that Pause Me So is there a post office at Rivervale Mall or is it just a SAM machn? Singpost That is correct sir Me What is? Singpost How can i help you today? Me For fuc I mean does Rivervale Mall have a post office? Singpost ll check for you sir Where is the location? Me Rivervale Mall singpost ITl check for you sir Yes that is correct sir The address is No kidding Eunos Me Wait what? Eunos? Rivervale Mall is in Sengkang Singpost Ill check for you sir Me No you don't have to check sir I know Rivervale Mall is Sengkang UPDATE went to Rivervale Mall There is no post office just a bloody Does it have a post office? Singpost I'm all for cost cutting and certainly don't blame poor bugger on the phone but I'd grown a beard and lost will to live by time i was done SAM machine!! SINGPOST SMLJP And in the end still no post office! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme

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