shadowfreak11: spiritofwaterandfire: turnabout4spoopy: naruhodou-kun: unofficialdragon: lesprisenpati: aidenmorse: Bottles of Gatorade Blue Bolt floating in a bath of Powerade Mountain Blast, 2013 I can’t tell if this is seriously art or if it’s just tongue in cheek sarcastic art or if it’s post-ironic ironic art, or ironic art, or literally just a joke and that is so not okay. Aesthetic Your Honor, there is a clear contradiction in this photo.  As you can see from this piece of evidence, Gatorade bottles are topped with an orange lid.  But in the photo above, the lids are black. Which means that the bottles in this photo can’t be Gatorade bottles. Mr. Wright, didn’t you go to art school? I sure didn’t, but I still know what happens when you mix orange and blue! In case you forgot, take a look at this! If you look closely, you can even see an orange tint!  And what else can you see? The classic gatorade G. Your honor, I think this case is closed! well that was much shorter than usual she fucking destroyed him that’s why it’s short