Shafeeq @Y2SHAF9h i'm not stupid that's motor oil FoodPorn @ltsFoodPorn Cinnamon French Toast Sticks sonsonne @sonsonne1 Replying to @Y2SHAF They got the cardboard in between the sticks like I can't see that shit 112618 300 PM patron-saint-of-smart-asses doctorbluesmanreturns geekandmisandry te-amo-corazon bruh we all sick of the bullshit now 😂 None of us ever asked to be woke like this Honestly I don’t see why people are bothered by this to that extent it’s mostly so that things photograph well for advertisements and it’s been common knowledge for DECADES DECADES OF LIES Pictures of ice cream are food colored mash potatoes or oil compounds TV “pancake syrup” is usually motor oil hairspray and such is used on hamburger buns to make them plump and shiny Food photography means your life is a lie Meme

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