Shakespeare Lyrics @ShakespeareSong I shalt pop some tags only possess 20 shillings within my pocket 21213 315 PM misshavishamscloset enasnivolz ealperin reading-thoughts edwardspoonhands Not lambic Do Not Accept These tags I'll pop and boast in rhyming verse that what I wear puts swagger in my gait though twenty shillings have I in my purse my self-esteem and manhood both inflate when lofty furs I purchase for a cent Thy grandpa's clothes are worthy salvage though they smell a trifle musty Still I spent much less to dress myself from head to toe To save or not to save? The question's moot I'll never give my coin to high-street crooks These dusty shelves will yield their hidden loot to those like me more frugal in their looks Like ancient coins washed up on distant shores I'll find my treasures in these thrifty stores - Macklemore Thrift Shoppe Crying with laughter ITS IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER SWEET JESUS THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING SO BEAUTIFUL THIS IS WHAT ENGLISH LIT IS FOR Source humortrain Macklespeareadvice-animaltumblrcom Meme

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