SHAME YOUR CAT NOW MyCatFromHell Every cat's life is CHAME YOUR CAT NOW MyCatFromHell HAME YOUR CAT NOW PMyCatFromHell Every cats life is worth something bornthiswayward #i've reblogged this like twice#and i think some people are reblogging this as a joke#but bless this man and what he stands for femmadilemma how is this funny to anyone Those people obviously don't realize the extremely high kill rate for cats at shelters not to mention that people literally dump indoor cats outside when they don't want them anymore and indoor cats often die due to starvationpredators duh they have no survival skills Also I might also be crying drunkvanity Jackson Galaxy is awesome His story is is that he used to be a drug addict and that while he was in the beginning of his recovery he saved a stray cat and nursed it back to life and in return the cat essentially did the same for him and ever since then he's taught himself everything there is to know about cats and since then he's tanin re thcsavea behaorCat staughthm ea their behavior Cats saved his life so he's saving cats lives He's awesome rogueofstorms His show has taught me more about how to take care of a cat than I learned from growing up with one himteckerjam Jackson Galaxy is the patron fucking saint of cats and I swear to god I will fight anybody coming for him You will catch these hands anightvaleintern I dont like when people make fun of Jackson Galaxy when he gets emotional Because a I get r over cats too fuck you and b its mostly because he's a man and a patriarchal belief that men can't really fucking emotional cry or have feelings academicfeminist PLUS! He actually gives GREAT behavior advice unlike another TV personality who works with canines and shall not be named because my blood pressure can't handle his ass n every cats life is Meme

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