Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts THIS is 14-year-old baby who fatally shot dad & injured two students and a teacher in South Carolina parents bragged about giving him guns Reply to Shannon Watts DAILY NEWS New York Daily News * @NYDaily News Trial set for 14-year-old Virginia boy charged with stealing milk even though he was in school's free lunch program nydnus2dfMYz5 6 A IN MIL NYC 10116 749 AM crabbybun note-a-bear zinge koibitosenpai charizord coleyyoung thetrippytrip Do you see a problem here? How much more clear can the problem be? Excuse me it 14 year old BABY?? Speaks volumes 14-year-old baby…? “This 168-month baby commited a cwime uwu” AND HIS IDENTITY WAS PROTECTED The 14 year old white boy is Jesse Osborne and he’s going to be tried as an adult And Ryan Turk the 14 year old black boy is going to have all charges dropped There’s at least a little justice Meme

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