SHAPE 10 Easy IIomemade Soups For each soup cook aromatics in 1 tablespoon healthy oil such as olive or canola until softened Add remaining ingredients except garnishes and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes Blend if directed for creamy texture Just before serving season to taste with salt and pepper and add garnishes All recipes serve four BLACK BEAN TORTILLA AROHATICS 1onion diced PROTEIN 2 cans 15 et eachi black beens rinsed and drained 1 minced chipode in adebo chicken broth SPICES 1 teaspoon each oumin and oregano LQUID 6oups low sodium vegelable or VEGGIES 1poblano chile chopeed Puree untíi smooth GARNISH Cilantro leaves chopped AROMATİCS bunch scallions thniriced THAI PROTEIN 2 cups shredded sotisserie chicken 14 teaspoon cayenne SPICES LIQUID 4 cups low sodium chicken broth CURRY VEGGIES 2 roma somatoes diced GARNISH Sliced pickled jalapesos crumbled baked tortilla chips POTATO AROMATICS 2 small shallets minced PROREIN 14 block estra frm tofu cubed SPICES 2 tablespoons green curry paste LIQID 2 cans 14 ounces eachIght VEGGES 12 cup each siced ted peppers GARNISH Cilantro mint lime juice ARONATICS arge leek thinly sliced PROTEIN V4 cup creamy peanut butter BEEFY6 9 SPMCES 2 cloves garlik1 pinch cayenne LIQUID 6 cups low -sodium vegetable bioth VEGGIES 1large sweet potato cubed Paree untd smooth GARNISH Chepped roasted peanuts parsley TUSCAN WHITE BEAN 縫 HATICS lonn chopped PROTEIN 14 pound lean geound beef SMCES V2 teespoos minced thyme leaves UQUID 6 oups low-sodium mushroom broth VEGGIES 1 pound mushrooms sliced GARNISH Minced tarragon low-fat sour cream SOUP RONATICS 1chapped onion 2 minced clowes garlic PROTEIN 2 cans 15 ounces each carnellini beans rinsed and drained SMCES teaspoon minced rosemary LIQUID 6 cups low-sodiam vegetable bioth VEGGIES lcup diced tomatoers İdrizde extra virgin ahmae Panmesan cheese GARNISH CURRIED AROMATICS 2 onions chopped FROPEIN 1 chicken breast cooked and cubed SMCES 1 teaspoon herbs de Provence QUID 6oups low-sodium vegetable broth VEGGIES 1cup each frezen peas diced zucchini and baby spinach GARNISH Idolp pesto CHICKEN ORZO AROMATICs 1onion chopped PROTEIN 1cup leetils SPICES 1tablespoon curry powder LIQUO 6cups low sodium cicken or VEGGIES 2 cups packed shredded kale 1 teaspoon garam masala vegetable broth Puree until smooth if desired GARNISH Sliced scallions ITALIAN WEDDING AROMATICS PROTEIN SPICES uouo 1diced enion 2 minced cloves garlc 1 chicken breast cocked and diced 2 teespoos dried hyme 6 low sodium chicken broth VEGGIES 2 cup diced canset 12 cup diced celery GARNISH Cooked o0 For more healthy eating advice and recipes go to ARONATICS 3 shallots minced PROTEIN 8 packaged or homemade meatbas SPICES 12 teaspoon dried oregano 4 teaspoon dried bas UQUID 6eups low sodium chicken becth VEGGIES bunch asparagus trimmed and der dipping Meme

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