SHARE THIS PIC OF BLACK SANTA CUZ IT WILL PISS OFF MEGYN KELLY daniellebrooksemmy irridallium somebodylost-chan lovelyladylunacy edgaristhefox furbearingbrick trebled-negrita-princess blackgirlsinlove elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey mika-misaki2 I don’t know who Megan Kelly is but I wanna piss her off dis bitch “Verifiable fact” 😭😂 I’d PISS ON HER tbh btw Saint Nicholas whom Santa Claus is based on was a black guy and we don’t know exactly what jesus looked like but here’s an artistic reconstruction of an average 20-something male from his ethnic group at the time DOES THIS LOOK FUCKING WHITE TO YOU I want this post everywhere jesus was represented more or less accurately as an ethnically jewish arab man up until the reign of pope alexander vi in the late 15th century since he was viciously persecuting roman jews during this time alexander wanted to make them less sympathetic to the public and did so in part by ordering that portrayals of jesus be based off of his son cesare borgia the reason “jesus is white” is because someone purposefully attempted to alter the perception of history to benefit his goal of persecuting a targeted ethnic group Ooh interesting historical note I don’t usually share posts like this but I always want to piss off Megan Kelly I’m pissed off by Maget Kilo because I don’t know her but get news alerts about her every single day of my fucking life so I wanna piss her off too Meme

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