shared a photo When your heroes let you downI guess no ones perfect You don't put f ineapple on pizza -in MARCH 020 1 0211 8 Follow gordon ramsay said pineapple doesn't belong on pizza so case closed thanks very much end of discussion 606 PM-29 Mar 2017 40085 47653 Like Page Like Comment んShare When you're so far in sin you even deny direct condemnation from the lord of food Like Reply 20m Impressive Every word in that sentence was wrong Like Reply 15m l mean any decent Christian iterary scholar will be able to tell you that Gordon Ramsay is clearly an allegorical Christ figure Like Reply 13m Well even allegories have slight deviations In this case it's his wrongness Like Reply 6m And this quote is a direct moral imperative on how one is to live their life Going against is would be definitionally sin One could argue that this commandment is more akin to Levitican law and no longer applicable under the New Testament But to that I would point out that Gordon is distinctly a Christ figure not just an allegory for God in general Like Reply 6m Meme

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