Sharon @MySharona1987 late night comedians are doing a better job of saying why the GOP is shitty than most dem politicians are ai saying why e G is so shitty 444 AM-3 Oct 2017 Sharon @MySharona1987 You're actually at the point now Oh why doesn't Jimmy Kimmel just run for POTUS against Trump in 2020? Might as well 448 AM-3 Oct 2017 Sharon @MySharona1987 You elected one unqualified Hollywood celebrity why not another? Ai leasi Jirnrmy read ihe GiraharnCassidy bill You know Trump never did 450 AM-3 Oct 2017 lilpurplekitty hogwartsconsultingtimelady mysharona1987 thatrandomwing mysharona1987 senator-awesomesause mysharona1987 It is genuinely scary when I realize I am not scared at all by Jimmy Kimmel running for POTUS I’m gonna need to hear his foreign policy before I make any kind of serious commitment He shall convince Kim Jong Un to be peaceful by sending him lots and lots of free pizza Why has no one ever fucking thought of PUTTING A FUNNY SMART GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE?! CAN YOU IMAGINE IT!!! Literally a shit load of work would get down and he would still have time to just crack jokes He wouldn’t have to run WE COULD CARRY HIM realistically Franken is probably that guy ^^^ True but may I nominate Stephen Colbert? concept FrankenColbert 2020 Meme

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