Shaun King 7 hrs Donald Trump just announced his final cabinet selection 13 of his 16 cabinet members are WHITE MEN America 2017 DESPICABLE OCT DIIlook to a dav When people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their characteru GP EDITORIAL Shaun King is “outraged” that Trump’s cabinet selections are not diverse in gender and race There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of his picks but diversity is not relevant here at all For most progressives diversity only matters in skin color and gender and only when convenient Today’s progressives want diversity simply for the sake of it - as if one’s skin color and gender ipso facto qualifies you for a job Outside of these identity labels however progressives want nothing to do with diversity They have boiled down the word to only refer to demographic identity and have no desire for ideological diversity How do I know this? Frankly anyone who has ever seen a progressive react to Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams knows exactly what I mean or really any “right wing” minority pundit If you are a minority and not firmly dedicated to the progressive cause then you are a conservative parrot Uncle Tom or a Fox News shill Hurling insults at minorities is perfectly fine so long as they’re conservatives and then it’s totally not racist Last time I checked that is the antithesis of diversity This is the kind of vitriol I see from the left when it comes to ideological opponents and by “the left” I mean people like Shaun King and his fellow media pundits Even worse as with many progressives Shaun King believes that a “less white less male” cabinet would mean a more successful one I cannot think of a more awful way to view other races “I have appointed you to this high ranking federal position because you are black” is possibly the most demeaning view you can have towards diversity Imagine you work hard all your life and then you’re appointed to a cabinet position simply because of your identity You acquired all of this experience and merit throughout your whole life but then you land a jobbecause of your skin color which you did not work hard to achieve Martin Luther King no matter our disagreements on economic structures truly understood the meaning of diversity He fought for diversity and equality under the eyes of the law but knew that merit wasn't a function of skin color He knew that equality was not equality until individuals not classes were judged by their character not their demographic Today’s regressive left has radically evolved beyond that and seem to now reject MLK’s message In their world skin color is in itself a characteristic worthy of merit - nevermind if someone is actually qualified for a job Racial diversity is anything but equality if you attain it simply for the sake of racial diversity and not because of merit Criticize Trump’s picks all you want but their demographics are not something that disqualifies them from a job Meme

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