She asked which number is between 2 and 4 Suggesting there is only one number between them but if you think about it there are infinite numbers between 2 and 4 Like 201 2001 20001 and so on You can do that infinetly So actually the answer should not be 3 even if she asked fora number the correct answer must be infinite numbers Yes I know I'm am a smartass and Yes l know it is just a fun video but that are the actual thoughts in my mind when I watch videos like that and I just wanted to share them in hope that some might think Huh never thought about that Interesting way to see it that way Silly me Trying to actually share my way of thinking on faceboolk Giving those nice trolls and people full of hate a way to let their frustration of their own shortcomings out on me And no I'm not drunk or stoned I just started typing and can't stop now for some reason Please stop me I don't know what to say furthermore anyway Uh he said furthermore Must think he's some fancy high IQ egghead Okay I stop now before l say something stupid 20h Like Reply Trying to put logic into a ‘lol funny meme’ video about that Beetlejuice guy w Howard Stern Meme

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