Shells&Emotions @anna bayla My favorite bible story is when instead of telling women to dress modestly Jesus tells his dudes to avoid lust by plucking their eyes out 51316 144 AM since1938 My man Jesus goddessolga What story is that? ffermented-salmonella Matthew 189 livebloggingmydescentintomadness And if your eye causes you to sin gouge it out and throw it away beachfox Jesus how can I avoid sin when all these hüssies keep revealing the fact that they have bodies? Hmmm tough call bro Have you tried gouging out your eyes so you don't have to see all those bodies anymore? wut What? Shouldn't you tell them to stop dressing like that or something? Don't see why It's not their fault that the fact that they have bodies makes you a fucking sinful horndog Gotta fix that problem yourself buddy Go on blind yourself Or learn to keep it in your g'damn pants no matter what they re wearing dinosaurrainbowstarfish He goes on for like several examples too How can I avoid like an accidental slip of the hand when they're dressin like that? Cut it off wut Cut it off Your hand If it's a problem stop having a hand wut What corporationsarepeople Did I fucking stutter? Attone to your sins Meme

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