They are many issues we should talk about but guns aren’t the problem. Guns have never been the problem. Guns are a tool that could be use for good or evil depending on which hands they are being implemented. Gun control is the proper handle of guns not the removal of them. Gun control doesn’t save anyone lives it only infringes on the right of law abiding citizens who which to protect their lives, property and family against a tyrannical government. - Tag friends & Follow 🔊 @unclesamsmisguidedchildren @bat.defense @t1ammunition Shooting concealedcarry Tactical secondamendment igmilitia opencarry righttobeararms 2a pewpew pewpewlife florida texas nra Gun Guns Ar15 gunchannels gunporn ammo bullets donaldtrump Targetpractice grouptherapy K9 lawenforcement backtheblue secondamendment Guns Weapons molonlabe gunrange