America, Anaconda, and Bane: SHIPS
<h2>2016&rsquo;s Top Ships</h2><p><i>Set sail on the S.S. Conceptual Relationship.</i></p><p>1. <a href="">Clexa</a><i> +7<br/>    </i>Clarke Griffin &amp; Commander Lexa, <i>The 100</i></p><figure data-orig-width="500" data-orig-height="245" data-tumblr-attribution="clarke-kom-forlexa:HVB3MBrX1KCSxuSgWntV3Q:ZMmDXr22sRXbn" class="tmblr-full"><img src="" alt="image" data-orig-width="500" data-orig-height="245"/></figure><p>2. <a href="">Dan and Phil</a> <br/>    Dan Howell &amp; Phil Lester, <i>YouTubers<br/></i>3. <a href="">Larry Stylinson</a><i> −2<br/>    </i>Harry Styles &amp; Louis Tomlinson, <i>One Direction<br/></i>4. <a href="">Destiel</a><i> −1<br/>    </i>Dean Winchester &amp; Castiel, <i>Supernatural<br/></i>5. <b><a href="">Malec</a><br/></b>    Magnus Bane &amp; Alec Lightwood, <i>Shadowhunters</i></p><figure data-orig-width="500" data-orig-height="269" data-tumblr-attribution="newtporn:EUR7irVnOV8e3KVCgyHgAg:ZDtz4l25WFNbd" class="tmblr-full"><img src="" alt="image" data-orig-width="500" data-orig-height="269"/></figure><p>6. <b><a href="">Klance</a></b> <br/>    Keith &amp; Lance, <i>Voltron: Legendary Defender<br/></i>7. <b><a href="">Wigetta</a><br/></b>    Willyrex &amp; Vegetta777, <i>YouTubers<br/></i>8. <a href="">Stucky</a><i> +1<br/>    </i>Steve Rogers &amp; Bucky Barnes, <i>Captain America: Civil war<br/></i>9. <b><a href="">Kylux</a><br/></b>    Kylo Ren &amp; General Hux, <i>Star Wars: The Force Awakens<br/></i>10. <b><a href="">Reylo</a><br/></b>    Rey &amp; Kylo Ren, <i>Star Wars: The Force Awakens<br/></i>11. <b><a href="">Camren</a><br/></b>    Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, <i>Fifth Harmony<br/></i>12. <a href="">Captain Swan</a><i> −7<br/>    </i>Captain Hook &amp; Emma Swan, <i>Once Upon a Time<br/></i>13. <b><a href="">Ladynoir</a><br/></b>    Ladybug &amp; Cat Noir, <i>Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug &amp; Cat Noir<br/></i>14. <a href="">SasuSaku</a><i> −7<br/>    </i>Sasuke Uchiha &amp; Sakura Haruno, <i>Naruto<br/></i>15. <b><a href="">Stydia</a><br/></b>    Stiles Stilinski &amp; Lydia Martin, <i>Teen Wolf<br/></i>16. <a href="">Bellarke</a><i> −5<br/>    </i>Bellamy Blake &amp; Clarke Griffin, <i>The 100<br/></i>17. <b><a href="">McHanzo</a><br/></b>    Jesse McCree &amp; Hanzo Shimada, <i>Overwatch<br/></i>18. <b><a href="">NaLu</a><br/></b>    Natsu Dragneel &amp; Lucy Heartfilia, <i>Fairy Tail<br/></i>19. <a href="">Olicity</a><i> −15<br/>    </i>Oliver Queen &amp; Felicity Smoak, <i>Arrow<br/></i>20. <b><a href="">Kagehina</a><br/></b>    Kageyama Tobio &amp; Hinata Shouyou, <i>Haikyuu!!</i></p><p><i>The number in italics indicates how many spots an item moved up or down from the previous year. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last year.</i></p>

2016’s Top Ships

Set sail on the S.S. Conceptual Relationship.

1. Clexa +7
Clarke Griffin & Commander Lexa, The 100


2. Dan and Phil 
    Dan Howell & Phil Lester, YouTubers
3. Larry Stylinson −2
Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson, One Direction
4. Destiel −1
Dean Winchester & Castiel, Supernatural
5. Malec
    Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters


6. Klance 
    Keith & Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender
7. Wigetta
    Willyrex & Vegetta777, YouTubers
8. Stucky +1
Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, Captain America: Civil war
9. Kylux
    Kylo Ren & General Hux, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
10. Reylo
    Rey & Kylo Ren, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
11. Camren
    Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, Fifth Harmony
12. Captain Swan −7
Captain Hook & Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time
13. Ladynoir
    Ladybug & Cat Noir, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
14. SasuSaku −7
Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno, Naruto
15. Stydia
    Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf
16. Bellarke −5
Bellamy Blake & Clarke Griffin, The 100
17. McHanzo
    Jesse McCree & Hanzo Shimada, Overwatch
18. NaLu
    Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail
19. Olicity −15
Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak, Arrow
20. Kagehina
    Kageyama Tobio & Hinata Shouyou, Haikyuu!!

The number in italics indicates how many spots an item moved up or down from the previous year. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last year.

SHIPS <h2>2016&rsquos Top Ships<h2><p><i>Set sail on the SS Conceptual Relationship<i><p><p>1 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchclexa>Clexa<a><i> +7<br> <i>Clarke Griffin &amp Commander Lexa <i>The 100<i><p><figure data-orig-width=500 data-orig-height=245 data-tumblr-attribution=clarke-kom-forlexaHVB3MBrX1KCSxuSgWntV3QZMmDXr22sRXbn class=tmblr-full><img src=https78mediatumblrcom5003db9d5a7f492f486db5ca167f31eetumblr_o3kfhtRy1A1sxf3mno1_500gif alt=image data-orig-width=500 data-orig-height=245><figure><p>2 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchdan%20and%20phil>Dan and Phil<a> <br> Dan Howell &amp Phil Lester <i>YouTubers<br><i>3 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchlarry%20stylinson>Larry Stylinson<a><i> −2<br> <i>Harry Styles &amp Louis Tomlinson <i>One Direction<br><i>4 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchdestiel>Destiel<a><i> −1<br> <i>Dean Winchester &amp Castiel <i>Supernatural<br><i>5 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchmalec>Malec<a><br><b> Magnus Bane &amp Alec Lightwood <i>Shadowhunters<i><p><figure data-orig-width=500 data-orig-height=269 data-tumblr-attribution=newtpornEUR7irVnOV8e3KVCgyHgAgZDtz4l25WFNbd class=tmblr-full><img src=https78mediatumblrcomd8ed5826642405e66239227d53217dbatumblr_o65xreOdaT1uq4r3mo1_500gif alt=image data-orig-width=500 data-orig-height=269><figure><p>6 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchklance>Klance<a><b> <br> Keith &amp Lance <i>Voltron Legendary Defender<br><i>7 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchwigetta>Wigetta<a><br><b> Willyrex &amp Vegetta777 <i>YouTubers<br><i>8 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchstucky>Stucky<a><i> +1<br> <i>Steve Rogers &amp Bucky Barnes <i>Captain America Civil war<br><i>9 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchkylux>Kylux<a><br><b> Kylo Ren &amp General Hux <i>Star Wars The Force Awakens<br><i>10 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchreylo>Reylo<a><br><b> Rey &amp Kylo Ren <i>Star Wars The Force Awakens<br><i>11 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchcamren>Camren<a><br><b> Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui <i>Fifth Harmony<br><i>12 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchcaptain%20swan>Captain Swan<a><i> −7<br> <i>Captain Hook &amp Emma Swan <i>Once Upon a Time<br><i>13 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchladynoir>Ladynoir<a><br><b> Ladybug &amp Cat Noir <i>Miraculous Tales of Ladybug &amp Cat Noir<br><i>14 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchsasusaku>SasuSaku<a><i> −7<br> <i>Sasuke Uchiha &amp Sakura Haruno <i>Naruto<br><i>15 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchstydia>Stydia<a><br><b> Stiles Stilinski &amp Lydia Martin <i>Teen Wolf<br><i>16 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchbellarke>Bellarke<a><i> −5<br> <i>Bellamy Blake &amp Clarke Griffin <i>The 100<br><i>17 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchmchanzo>McHanzo<a><br><b> Jesse McCree &amp Hanzo Shimada <i>Overwatch<br><i>18 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchnalu>NaLu<a><br><b> Natsu Dragneel &amp Lucy Heartfilia <i>Fairy Tail<br><i>19 <a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearcholicity>Olicity<a><i> −15<br> <i>Oliver Queen &amp Felicity Smoak <i>Arrow<br><i>20 <b><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchkagehina>Kagehina<a><br><b> Kageyama Tobio &amp Hinata Shouyou <i>Haikyuu!!<i><p><p><i>The number in italics indicates how many spots an item moved up or down from the previous year The ones in bold weren’t on the list last year<i><p> Meme

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