Shitty bday Anonymous 061518Fri102422 No420571562 >be me going to best friends b-day party he has to share it with his autist brother >this'll be fun >get there all of the little brothers friends are there >come on anon don't be too mean party starts kicking off these kids start screaming one loads up fortnite on the Xbox everyone but me takes turns playing it not me cuz I'm not a normie they start having an arm-fart contest degeneratespng >they start actually farting the kid playing fortnite does it hitler would be proud >mid way through the fart just cuts off whatthefuckzip everyone starts smelling it not even Jewish but I get flashbacks I look at the kid >he has a bulge in his pants start to think he did more than just rip ass realize this kid just fucking shit himself everyone else knows it >hey did you just shit your pants he starts giggling satanstaybackjpeg >yeah um can you go to the bathroom and clean up your fat ass? >not until I finish this game of fortnite mfw my mom asked if I had fun Meme

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