Short unconfident guy on Reddit Starterpack I wish i was tall ufasih2002sher 206d Any 5'5 guys who are happily married or have 305 456 1 Share May I claim average height at near 5'7 and asian? l put my stats into my height calculator online and it says I'm going to be 5'7 I'm 17 and 5'6 so this might be the last straw I might just stop being insecure and just accept it I am Japanese so 5'7 would be fine and average right? josh hutcherson height l Feel Like People Look Down On Me 138 10 T Share rdepression Taller girl approached me at what age do you stop growing in heigh Awesome! I m 5'4work at a grocery store and was checking out a father and daughter As I was scanning their last few items the daughter at least 5'8 without skipping a beat said I just want to let you know you're super cute and I don't care if you have a girlfriend if Can short guys hâve a girltriend? 个222 35 T Share Would y'all consider 5'7 short? Vote 23 T Share Could Diarrhea have stunted my growth? ue I am a 19 year old male my height is 163 my dad is 168 my mom is 151 cm I have also been constantly underweight 52 kg I had chronic diarrhea for about 4 years when I was around 15 years old I ONLY grew ONE CM in those 4 years from 20150 was 15 yrs 个 share 4 Vote Short guy on Reddit starterpack Meme

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