SHOULD YOU CATCALL HER IS THAT BOOTY BANGIN'? DOES SHE HAVE THOSE LEGS THAT GO ON FOR DAYS? HELLSYA! It's more a light knock on a door that isn't mine to open AND THE THIGHS TO MATCH Mm I didn't notice? IS SHE DRESSED UP REAL NICE? Yeah she might be on her way to somewhere important DOES SHE LOOK SAD? BRINGIN HER A-GAME Seems perfectl content Probably shouldn't bother her YEAH SHE SHOULD GIMME A SMILE IS SHE LITERALLY A CAT? YEP HERE KITTY KITTY NO A FIGURATIVE FINE FELINE ARE YOU SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED? No gonna go have sex with my partner BRB YEAH I WANNA YELL SEX STUFF AT PEOPLE YOU WANNA GET WITH THAT? DO YOU KNOW HER AND HAVE YOU BOTH CONSENSUALLY AGREED TO SHOUT SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE COMMENTS TO EACH OTHER IN PUBLIC? Nah I don't even know her ABSOLUTELY GOTTA LET HER KNOVW NO YES IN EXPLICIT TERMS NOPE DON'T DOIT YEAH GO FOR IT silverblueroses thebicker fenchurchdent chicklikemeblog Playboy’s catcall flowchart I’m reblogging Playboy Somebody stop me Even Playboy wants men to stop screaming at women on the street When the pinnacle of female objectification is telling you you’re being a sexist pig maybe for real you’re being a sexist pig I mean women have been telling you you’re a sexist pig for catcalling for a long time but then again they’re *women* so their opinions don’t count Now a magazine for men has acknowledged it so LISTEN UP Even Playboy wants men to stop screaming at women on the street That needed to be repeated Even Playboy Meme

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