showerthoughtsofficial The brain is just 8 lbs of meat that sits in complete darkness and plays a video game of what it thinks is the most realistic thing ever willow-wanderings it's 3lbs not 8 also it's not really meat it's mostly fat with some water and salt You have a wad of soggy bacon inside your skull And this blob of gross unprocessed jello somehow manages to run a complex biomechanical suit using less electricity than it takes to work a lightbulb And people wonder why humans are so fucking weird and have odd experiences that aren't actually real I mean if a bowl of tapioca pudding managed to hallucinate so vividly it invented calculus it also going dude i heard a weird noise and im 100% sure it was the ghost of the neighbor's cat which hasn't actually died yet would be just as expe as anything else 2 Shower Thoughts on the Brain Meme

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