silliestx48 + lesbian-yandere lesbian-yandere Uh hi? silliestx48 i got ure name from the profile search here on tumblr cuz i was bored and lookin for new people to talk to but i hope i didn't bother u know it's a lil random lo lesbian-yandere Youre a bot Arent you silliestx48 haha nah def not a bot lesbian-yandere Ohoh wow lesbian-yandere Aa GIF Say your thing silliestx48 + lesbian-yandere lesbian-yandere I think I just shit myself silliestx48 22f whats up? lesbian-yandere Do me a favor what does this say Enter both words below separated by a space LYNN fcxtine Provided by CAPTCHA Submit silliestx48 im on spring vacation and i'm really excited for it lol i'm still in college right now so i love the time off school u know? Aa GIF Say your thing sangled lesbian-yandere YALL THEY’RE ADVANCING Bring forth the dogs10 points if you get the reference Meme

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