sincerelyafrica How movies with white teenage boys as the main characters always start Scene home in main characters room Main character's mom yells JOSH GET UP YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL Main character Josh reluctantly get ready for another dreadful day of school as an outcast and neglects to comb his greasy hair Scene hallway Hi I'm Josh I'm your average dorky white boy with loose fitting jeans and an over sized shirt This is my best friend Wil an even shorter more nerdier white kid and usually with red hair for some reason Best friend Will did you catch the game last night it was so An attractive likable popular white girl who has all A's yet has a douchebag fuckboy boyfriend named Brad or some shit who is the antagonist walks by Attractive white popular girl hey josh did you do the homework from last night? Josh being the dork he is stammers on his words and ends up saying complete gibberish Attractive white popular girl gives him a weird look and smiles awkwardly as she walks away Best friend of the main character dude you've been in love with her since third grade when are you going to make a move? Josh I know but this year things change I'm going to ask her to go to the dance with me Best nerdy friend dude she's been going out with Brad for three years Brad walks by with 4 white boys and two muscular black boys behind him and knocks down greasy haired main character Josh and his greasy haired companion Will's books down Hey losers Brad and his diverse crew of bullies laugh and dap each other up black-krystal-balls This is so spot on like im fuckin cackling Meme

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