siniristiriita siniristiriita Stuff my chemistry teacher has started telling us about because he got distracted 1 The role of building pyramids on the maintenance of the cultural stability of ancient Egypt 2 The exact way that a molotov cocktail works against a tank 3 How a number of different modernly extinct or preventable illnesses affected European culture at their time multiple occasions 4 The evolutionary explanation as to why middle-european alcohol culture differs from eastern-european one 5 How climate zones work 6 How the camera was invented 7 Stories relating to wars fought in Europe between the 15th and 21st centuries multiple occasions 8 How allergies are born and why they happen 9 Horoscopes and the differences between astrology and astronomy 10 Astrophysics multiple occasions 11 The arabic alphabet 12 The invention of milk chocolate 13 How the man who founded the LIDL supermarket chain used to be his grandmother's subtenant 14 Greek anglo-saxon and egyptian mythology multiple occasions 15 The multiverse theory and how technically speaking we might never meet aliens because we do not exist to them 16 How counting with your fingers affects the structure of math 17 The private lives of the Nobel brothers multiple occasions 18 The inherently catholic roots of the flag of the European Union and general history of catholic iconography 19 How so many celtic traditions have found their way to Finland 20 All the places he has seen whale meat 21 How queen Victoria and queen Elizabeth respectively rose to power 22 The effects of hallucinogens on ancient religions multiple occasions 23 How women's shorter skirts and men ceasing to spit on floors indoors helped to stop the rampant spread of tuberculosis related to #3 but he went on for 30 minutes about this one 24 The Westermarck-effect and why it didn't apply to Egyptian pharaohs 25 The moonshine business his grandma used to run in the 40s 26 The effects of meat-eating on the human brain These are all from four weeks of classes in basic chem where we are supposed to be learning how to read the periodic table and stuff 81 notes Chemistry Meme

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